Jon Kramer, LCSW

Mental Health Professional

Biographical Info

Jon Kramer has built his professional identity over the past 29+ years helping couples and families stay together.  He believes that sometimes the best way a family can stay together is for the parents to part ways.  The collaborative divorce process is all about “how” this occurs.  Research has shown that children do well in life, even in a 2-home configuration, when their parents are cooperative and respectful with one another.  Where the decision to divorce is ultimately made, Mr. Kramer is someone who provides support, speaks directly, and helps hold the line so the divorce process can move forward in a productive and timely manner.  Jon holds a private practice in West Los Angeles and the South Bay, and continues to teach on this topic as well as family therapy throughout the state of California.  Mr. Kramer is also a founding partner of the California Institute for Consensual Divorce.  In addition to divorce and co-parent communication coaching, Jon’s services include couples and family therapy, as well as discernment counseling.  Jon is a member of the prestigious International Family Therapy Academy (IFTA) and has also received extensive training in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce.  He has published articles for Collaborative Practice California, as well as the LA County Bar, and the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association.