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The 3-Marriage Cycle

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

Sometimes the starting point with couples who contact our collaborative law group (LAWCDP) is couples where one or both of them are not sure if they want to stay together.  Other times the work begins with couples that have made the decision to move their … Read More

Children Will Choose – 2 Ideas as to Why

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

Children will choose.  At times I sit with couples attempting to strengthen their marriages.  Other times I sit with high conflict couples who are attempting to salvage them.  And still other times I sit with couples who have decided to divorce and are seeking a … Read More

4 Important Aspects of a Divorce Coach’s 1st Session

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

There are times when couples come to see me to save their marriage.  There are other times when they come seeking assistance in navigating the complexities of their divorce.  They have come to this difficult decision, sometimes mutually, sometimes initiated by one or the other.  … Read More

Speaking With Your Child About Divorce: 3 Things To Remember

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

I spend a lot of my time working with couples. Full disclosure, I prefer to help them stay together. Long-term relationships are not easy and they require continual care and attention. There are times however when a couple decides to divorce. When this decision is … Read More

Couples Take Note

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

Couples with children take note. It is easy to lose your marital relationship in pursuit of your child’s needs. It is common for me to receive an initial phone call from a parent asking for assistance with their child. The common presenting concerns are mood-related … Read More

Mediation and Couples Therapy

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

Colleagues and clients have sometimes asked me if I do mediation. Or if I consider myself a mediator. Early in my post-graduate training in Family Systems and Couples Therapy, I observed the now deceased mediation pioneer, John Haynes, conduct a live interview. I, along with … Read More

Couples Therapy: “How Did I Get Here?”

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

“How did I get here?” is a phrase I often hear at the beginning of my couples work. It is usually said out loud by one of the partners in front of me. If it is not explicitly stated, it is conveyed. This phrase references … Read More

Leaning In and Out of Couples Therapy

By Jon Kramer (LAWCDP Member)

Usually in Discernment counseling a couple presents where one of them is “leaning in” and the other is “leaning out.” The former wants the marriage to work and is invested in anything that will help. The latter is ambivalent and somewhere along a continuum of … Read More

Telling the Children Mom and Dad are Separating

by Mary Lund, Ph.D.

Most parents who are ending their marriage worry about what to say to their children and how to help their children emotionally. Finding out their parents are separating is usually a shock for children, and they may become anxious or start having problem behavior. Children usually … Read More